Kratom Source

While most Kratom Vendors get their Kratom from an unknown source, our Kratom comes directly from an Indonesian farm that we work with personally. We go to the growing location, we're incorporated in the entire growing process, and most importantly, we know the quality of the Kratom that is being produced. We've done the research, so that you don't have to. 

Testing your Kratoms alkaloid content is something that we believe every vendor should do. Our Kratoms Total Alkaloid content consistently tests at 1.8%, and sometimes even upwards of 2.0%. Botanical Remedies takes our customers satisfaction very seriously, and we understand that we're here to serve you, never the other way around.

Our promise to our customer always stays the same: Provide you with high quality, premium organic Kratom, each and every time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you.