How to use Kratom powder in tea making? There is no rocket science involved with this process. Many people brew kratom powder and add different types of tea bases such as herbal, oolong, white, black, or green teas. Since the kratom powder and tea effects gel perfectly to provide a pleasant experience when brewed together. How efficiently can you use Kratom powder in tea making?

Kratom Powder in Tea Making

Avoid some common mistakes

Kratom powder, your preferred tea, and hot water are the ingredients you need. However, you should not take the process of brewing kratom tea for granted. It may seem easy, but some common mistakes need to be avoided to make the process more efficient. Many people under-steep or over-steep to reduce the quality and taste of a pot of Kratom tea. If not properly boiled, the water may disturb the kratom powder’s chemical properties. You should avoid these types of simple mistakes while making tea. When you decide to make kratom team using powder, you have to maintain the water beneath a boil not to disturb the chemical make-up and expected results.

Most efficient way of making Kratom tea

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If you want to make pure kratom tea, you need to take 5 grams of kratom powder for 1 cup of hot water. This process does not involve the inclusion of regular tea. You have the option of adding a tea bag or tea leaves to this method. Furthermore, many people prefer to add sweeteners like sugar, honey or even stevia. You can consider this option if the strength of the tea is very high. Depending on your personal taste preferences, you can think about adding lemon wedges. 

Buy kratom powder from a reliable online store

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When you buy kratom powder for making tea, you must identify a reputed and reliable online store. Inferior quality products interfere with the taste and quality of the tea. The kratom powder you buy must stand tall in terms of quality and reliability. It is always advisable to purchase products that do not contain impurities including chemicals and additive substances. Responsible online stores source their products from the best farms. Top virtual stores offer a wide range of kratom powders to suit the varying needs of different people. They offer high quality products at affordable prices. If you want to make top quality and tasteful kratom tea, you should avoid buying products with low potency and quality.

The most important thing you need to realize is that the effectiveness of kratom powder depends heavily on alkaloids. Since boiling water disturbs the effectiveness of alkaloids considerably, you need to wait for the hot water to cool down a bit before adding kratom powder. Kratom tea can maintain its taste and quality for up to five days when stored in the refrigerator. For enhancing the strength of your kratom tea, you should increase the brew time. If you don’t want a strong flavor, brewing for a short period is the best option.