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The team at Botanical Remedies initially started with an idea of finding a natural source for common issues. But, after finding the reality during their research that most of the products on the market are subpar, of low quality, and simply do not perform, they got inspired and decided to provide customers the best quality Kratom without compromising with safety, and price.

Their source for acquiring Kratom is the south eastern country Indonesia which is known for providing quality Kratom. They studied and learned about the growing process of Kratom and set up their own Kratom farms in Indonesia, and in 2015, Botanical Remedies LLC was started. They overlook the entire growing process of Kratom, so to achieve the objective of providing quality Kratom products to their customers.

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All the products at Botanical Remedies are tested by the 3rd party lab, so there is no point in worrying about the quality of their products. As already mentioned, they get their Kratom supply directly from their Kratom farms in Indonesia, without any presence of middleman, so you get the organic and best quality product at the lowest price possible.

As the company is owned by combat veteran, they offer military discount to all the associate service members. To avail the 15% military discount, you just have to provide the proof of service through email. They don’t use any of your information other than for their verification purpose.

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